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ISO 9001:2015

Why do you need ISO 9001:2015?

It is a simple question that can have more answers. Each company approach the QMS implementation and certification from different reasons.

Our experience with the answers to this question is as follows:

  • "I want to have order in my activities, so people know what and when has to be done." - in the QMS words it means setting up the processes, goals, deadlines for the partial tasks
  • "So everyone knows what is responsible for and doesn't make excuses about someone else being responsible." - in the QMS words it means setting up  the responsibilities, specify the owners of processes and positions hierarchy
  • "I want our employees to adhere to all our guidelines and rules. If these are not respected, I want to know the reason and solve it." - implementation of the internal audit process will certainly help you in this area
  • "I want to know my risks related to the customers, think ahead and consider each possible crisis situation." - implementation of the risk management is one of the possibilities how to prevent the undesirable impact
  • "My client told me, that he will buy from me just in case I have the QMS certificate." - the QMS implementation and certification moves your company higher in your clients point of view as the proof that you are better than the competition
  • "My client wants to come for an audit. He mentioned that he will perform it according to the ISO 9001 standard." - implementation of ISO 9001 helps you to prepare for this kind of situations and to manage them to your client's as well as your satisfaction.
  • "The parent company requires the ISO 9001 implementation and certification." - ISO 9001 implementation and certification means certain quality level, via which you can proof to your parent company "that you can do it"
  • "I want to participate at a tender and there is a requirement to have a QMS certificate according ISO 9001:2015." - there is nothing left but to implement and certify this system